Suzann M. Douglass, RHIA

Suzanne M. Douglass, RHIA , Health information Specialist

Suzanne M. Douglass, RHIA , Health information Specialist has been consulting in numerous centers throughout New York , New Jersey and Pennsylvania for over 20 years. She has consulting experience in dialysis, pediatric medical day care, adult medical day care and skilled nursing facilities.  Her experience also includes acute care Health Information Department management of transcription and coding and Health Information Management in a long term care setting.

Suzanne has had the opportunity to be instrumental in developing health information policies and procedures in accordance with JCAHO ,  state and federal regulations and has provided assistance in general health information department operations.  As a consultant, she has conducted various quality assurance audits, and medical billing reviews in order to assure the highest quality of documentation.

Suzanne is an active member of the American Health Information Management Association, attends regular New Jersey Health Information Management meetings and currently serves as the Secretary for the New Jersey Health Information management's Long Term Care Committee.

TOPIC:  Disaster Planning for Medical Records in the LTC Environment

This presentation will be discussing the following topics:
A-   Medical Record Storage in the LTC Environment,
B-    Steps to take when a Facility encounters a “CATASTROPIC” event  related to Medical Records in  LTC,
C-    Overview of what “SOLUTIONS” the LTC Facility can possibly take per the recommendations of a Mold Removal and Remediation Company.
 PRESENTATION: Disaster Planning for Medical Records in the LTC Environment  Click here to download your copy of the presentation