President's Message June 1, 2017

The NJ State Board of Directors attend Virtual House Leadership meetings several times a year.  We will begin to post notes of these meetings on the NJHIMA webpage and the Facebook page in the future.

Update on the House Leadership Virtual Meeting, May 10, 2017

Thirty House Leadership Team members joined the meeting to discuss a number of issues including two surveys; House task force updates as well as CDI, Privacy & Security, and HIM Reimagined (HIMR) groups, and helping prepare for the 2017-18 delegates.

The results of both surveys were reviewed.  Members were asked for suggestions of questions for upcoming surveys. Suggestions given include recommending tying the survey back to the goals of the group, increasing participation, include survey deadline date in the subject line of a message and adding the survey as a meeting request so on one’s calendar.  All will be considered for the 2017-18 Delegate year.

Currently the House Leadership Team has two task forces running.  One is the Communications task force which is working on updating the Leadership Dashboard.  The second is working on the development of the 2017 House Annual Meeting agenda.  The Communications Task Force is developing a dashboard summary sheet so members may see updates quickly and easily.  They are looking for a page that provides a “snapshots” of new activity.  Then if one wants more information, it will be linked to access details.  The current Leadership Dashboard is posted on a monthly basis at House of Delegates Dashboards.  The 2017 House Meeting task force is developing the draft agenda for the House Annual Meeting.  There will be two sessions of breakouts.  Suggestions on breakout session topics are still being solicited.

One Practice Council, Privacy & Security reported out as well as one Practice-Related Task force, Clinical Documentation Improvement.  Additional, there was an update of the current work of HIM Reimagined.

The activities of the CDI Task Force include:

The activities of the Privacy & Security Practice Council include:

  • Celebrated Privacy & Security Month in April
  • Presented on Advancing Privacy & Security through IG with eHealth Initiative
  • Webinar: Hidden Pieces of Privacy & Security in 21st Century Cures, May 25th
  • Right of Access Template form
  • Privacy & Security Institute Program Committee
  • Article on SAMHSA privacy rule

The activities of the HIMR include:

  • Proviso recommendation submitted to CCHIIM
  • Final white paper posted to AHIMA website
  • Brief explainer video on website
  • Market Assessment team

The group discussed how to prepare new 2017-18 delegates for their role and role on this team.  Member discussed their CSA’s best practice with the use of interns to help the officers.  Suggestions include separate duties of the delegates and having a head delegate if feasible.  This allows for better continuity.  Think of ways that you can support those new to the delegate role; share the Delegate Toolkit, Calendar, Delegates Policies and Procedures in addition to your CSA resources for your delegates.  Remember, they are the new ones moving the profession forward.